Caravans Arriving Soon

Some of our caravans are currently being prepared for sale or are due in over the next few weeks. Here's a list of what's about to be on sale soon.

If you are interested in any of these vehicles, please just note your contact details in the boxes below and we shall send you an email reminder when it arrives!


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Caravan Year Berths Due Date
Coachman Chiltington Sussex 460 2015 2 August
Coachman Laser 675 2017 4 July
Coachman Vision 520/4 2015 4 July
Coachman Vision 575/4 2016 4 July
Coachman Vision Plus 520 2017 4 July
Elddis Affinity 482 2013 2 July
Sprite Alpine 4 2020 4 July
Sprite Major 4SB 2020 4 July
Sprite Major 4SB 2019 4 July
Sprite Major 6TD 2019 6 June
Sprite Major 6TD 2020 6 July