Established over 50 years ago, Vango have a long history of inovation with air awnings and tents. With quality materials and technology, they offer a quality solution to the customer who prefers an air awning. 

For more details please see the range of awnings below and download a brochure for more details:


Vango Air Awnings 

The 2020 ranges include:

Rapide III 250 & 350

Porch air awning with either 2.5m or 3.5m widths.
2.75m depth. Sentinel Exclusive Fabric.
Stocked by Tilshead Caravans with a special package offer.

Braemar II 300 & 400

Porch air awning with either 3.0m or 4.0m widths.
2.50m depth. Sentinel Exclusive Fabric.

Sonoma II 250 & 350

Porch air awning with either 2.5m, 3.5m or 4.0m widths.
2.75m depth. Sentinel Pro Fabric.
Stocked by Tilshead Caravans with a special package offer.

Varkala Connect 280, 360 & 420

Porch air awning with either 2.8m, 3.6m or 4.2m widths.
2.5m depth. Sentinel Pro Fabric.

Montelena 330 & 400

Porch air awning with 4.0m width.
3.0m depth. Sentinel Luxe Fabric.

Tuscany 380 & 420

Porch air awning with either 3.8m or 4.2m widths.
3.2m depth. Sentinel Elegance Fabric.
Stocked by Tilshead Caravans with a special package offer.

Somerby 360 & 420

Porch air awning with a 3.6m width.
2.5m depth. Sentinel Signature Fabric.

Maldives 400

Hybrid Porch air/pole awning with a 4.0m width.
3.0m depth. Sentinel Elegance Fabric.

Vienna 400

All season awning based on the Montelena.
3.0m depth. Sentinel Tencate Residential Fabric.

Florence 420

All season awning based on the Tuscany.
3.2m depth. Sentinel Tencate Residential Fabric. 


Vango Furniture & Accessories

We stock many of the major items of Vango accessories and can order all others for you. 



Digital Air Pumps

Organisers & Storage


Manual Air Pumps

Carpet & Flooring

Storm Straps


How to Buy

For prices and availability of any Vango awning, accessory or spare part (from stock or to order) please just contact us in person, by telephone on Tel. 01980 863636 or email us.


Download Vango brochure



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New & Used Vango awnings for sale from Tilshead Caravans

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