Caravan Hire for Accommodation

There are many reasons why you may need a caravan to act as temporary accommodation. It may be needed whilst you undertake house renovations, to act as accommodation after flood, fire or storm damage or just to provide additional temporary living space or sleeping options when family or friends visit at Christmas!

Remember, because our caravans are some of the latest and most modern caravans they will provide full facilities including the facility for mains 230V power, hot and cold running water, three/four burner hob plus oven and grill, heating capable of keeping your caravan at +20C inside when it is -15C outside (meeting a standard known as Grade 3 insulation), washroom with shower, flush toilet (not a portapotti!), and wash basin, digital TV aerial so you can watch the Sunday films and so on.......


Temporary caravan accommodation after flooding or fire

If you have suffered from a flood or fire damage then a caravan may be a way for you to continue to live in undamaged areas of your home (for instance bedrooms or upper floor rooms) with the caravan providing you with cooking and washroom facilities plus a lounge area for you to relax in whilst repair works are being undertaken. If your house is uninhabitable then you may live fully in one of our caravans if you wish to stay on site for security, oversight of builders or to look after onsite pets or animals.

We can deliver caravans, usually at short notice, to your home and site the caravan on your drive, in your garden or at another location as you deem most appropriate. If you have a water tap and mains electrics supply in the locality of the caravan then we can connect these to the caravan to provide an on-demand water supply and full power facilities for your use.

If the need for the caravan is due to flood or fire then often the cost will be covered by your home insurance. In these circumstances please just let us know your likely requirements in terms of possible dates, delivery address and which caravan may suit you and we can provide an estimate for you to pass to your insurance company or loss adjuster. Your loss adjuster will usually be able to agree a mutually acceptable arrangement and once they instruct us accordingly we can deal with the loss adjuster fully from then on, giving you one less thing to need to worry about. Timescales of hire can range from three days to months and can be kept flexible at all times.


Temporary caravan accommodation to provide guest accommodation such as extra sleeping & living space

Do the whole family want to visit for Christmas, the summer holidays or just to attend a family event? We can provide a delivery and collection service for all our caravans to your home or local site for your guests. A hassle-free way of letting everyone stay at your home yet still giving them space, privacy and their own bedroom!