Useful information Videos

This selection of videos is provided to inform you about some of the caravans, products and services which Tilshead Caravans can provide. Please note that content is current at time of the video but may change, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


2023 Coachman Model Videos

We have walk-through videos for all 2023 Coachman models available to view on our YouTube channel.

Youtube Channel


2023 Swift Sprite


2023 Swift Sprite - In Focus


2023 Swift Challenger


2023 Swift Challenger - In Focus


2023 Swift Conqueror


2023 Swift Conqueror - In Focus


2023 Swift Elegance


2023 Swift Elegance -  In Focus


Truma CP heating system operation


Alde 3020 heating control panel operation


Black Horse Finance
- Hire Purchase (HP)


Black Horse Finance
- Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)


Vango Air Awnings
- How to pitch your Air awning


Vango Air Awnings
- How to pack away your Air awning