How to book your service

In order to ensure we are providing an efficient service to all our clients we offer the opportunity to prebook dates for servicing and repair work. This allows us to allocate the appropriate amount of time to spend with you and your vehicle at a time which is convenient to you.

If you would like us to assist you with service or repair of your caravan then the easiest way is to call us on Tel. 01980 863636, when you can speak to one of our workshop team to arrange a convenient appointment.

However, as we appreciate this is not always possible then you can email us or complete our Request Service online form below and we shall contact you to confirm appointments.

Please do give us a range of possible dates if you can, as this gives us the greatest opportunity to meet your request. All service appointments are subject to availability and are usually booked on a first-come-first-served basis. 'Last minute' appointments are always possible as unexpected circumstances can lead to cancellations or customer appointment changes at any time, so if in doubt, please just ask how we may be able to assist you.

Please remember to consider the day you wish to drop the vehicle with us and the day you wish to collect it, as our engineers start at 8.30am and so you may wish to leave the vehicle with us for a few days to ensure a more relaxing journey to and from us! This also gives us time to diagnose and deal with any unexpected issues we note, as sometimes parts may need to be ordered if warranty or fault repairs are required or will be beneficial.

Finally, we will aim to undertake any recalls, product updates and software updates which may be appropriate to your caravan at the time of service. Manufacturers such as Swift have an online system to log these upgrades and so we will deal with these as a matter of course. Other manufacturers such as Coachman, Truma, Thetford, Sargent, Alde and so on may have specific software updates as well as more general product updates to check on but as the owner of a caravan you may sometimes be contacted directly to advise of a particular issue. If this is the case, please advise us and we can assist you with this too.

This is why you use a service agent such as Tilshead Caravans after all, for the behind the scenes backup which you may not even be aware of and which we can deal with from start to finish for you.


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