2021 Adria Caravans

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The reasons for choosing Adria have never been so compelling. It is the combination of inspiring designs, elegant style and superior quality, which continues to grow the Adria family of owners.

Adria caravans have a reputation for quality, reliability and durability, using proven automotive manufacturing techniques. Adria make most of their own furniture fitted within their caravans, which allows them to quality control the entire manufacturing and testing process. Adria Mobil has been designing and manufacturing Adria brand caravans since 1965.

The Adria Alpina remains the flagship range and is a best-seller in the colder climates of Scandinavia and across Europe, thanks to its high specification and all-year round performance. The new generation Adria Adora is Adria's best-selling range and just got even better, with a redesigned look and features for 2021. The Altea is a really elegant and comfortable caravan, perfect for holidays with its combination of space, comfort and features and the smallest caravan in the range is the Adria Action, the original iconic, lightweight and stylish caravan for active holidays.

The 2021 Adria Caravans range offers eleven models to choose from, with a variety of widths and specifications to help you choose your perfect caravan.


Adria Action

Adria Action

The Action, the original iconic, light-weight and stylish caravan for active holidays, in sporty colour.
A caravan which always puts a smile on your face and delivers on space, features and comfort the Action features a contemporary interior with smart kitchen, well-equipped washroom and comfortable sleeping.


Adria Altea

Adria Altea

The Altea is a comfortable, practical caravan for a lighter, brighter and more fun experience, now featuring new graphics.

With a contemporary interior, practical layouts, innovative features, improved lighting and storage, better comfort and more practicality that ever for 2021.


Adria Adora

Adria Adora

The new generation Adora, Adria's best-selling caravan just got even better for 2021. Redesigned externally, it is claimed to be the most aerodynamic caravan now available, yet with a distinctive Adria silhouette.

Feel inspired and at home in the elegant interior with new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and contemporary living spaces.


Adria Alpina

Adria Alpina

Alpina, Adria's premium caravan range, is designed for all year-round use, now with new graphics and further improvements for 2021.

A best-seller with its combination of eye-catching design, large panoramic window, contemporary spacious interiors, great performance and new soft furnishings.


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