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Delivery & Collection Services


Whilst many of our clients collect their hire vehicle from our site near Salisbury on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border, we can deliver all of our caravans and motorhomes throughout the UK and Europe.


We can deliver and/or collect your caravan or motorhome from:

  • Campsites and Rallies

  • Hirers home address

  • Events & Shows

  • Airports (where you do not wish to use our pickup and setdown service)


All our delivery and collection services involve full siting and set-up of your vehicle so that it is ready for your immediate use. For events and campsites, hirers do not always need to be on site when we deliver or collect, provided suitable siting instructions and key handover arrangements can be made.


Delivery & Collection Costs

Delivery & Collection costs are primarily based on mileage travelled from our site near Salisbury but other factors can influence the total cost. These factors may be: the dates of hire, numbers of vehicles being delivered and the particular event or delivery location.

Motorhomes are generally not as cost effective to deliver to any particular location than caravans as we have to take another car and driver to bring home the person delivering your motorhome. We regret this but feel that for reasons of our staff's welfare we do not usually consider it is acceptable to expect members of our delivery team to attempt to travel home by other methods.

If you wish to know specific costs for specific delivery locations then please call us on Tel. 01980 863636 or Email us.


Popular events with our clients

For details of popular events we supply caravans and motorhomes to, including costs and delivery/collection options please Click Here


Caravan Movements & Business Services

Please contact us on Tel. 01980 863636 or by Email for details of pricing for movement of caravans during your hire. For instance:

    * Delivery to Badminton Horse Trials, movement from Badminton to Royal Windsor
       Horse Show, collection from Windsor.

    * Movement of caravans during use as film shoot accommodation or green rooms,
       such as overnight movement from location to location.