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Touring Caravan Hire Rates

Our weekly touring caravan hire rates for UK hires are shown below. 

Hires do not need to be weekly and so you may hire for part weeks or hire additional days, subject to availability. The hire rates are then calculated pro-rata on the usual weekly rate.

Hire rates are shown below on an 'all-inclusive' basis. There are no 'hidden' costs.

For more details of exact hire costs for your preferred dates please do:


These services are not included in these rates, but may be available at additional cost:

  • Delivery or Collection of a caravan

  • Hire of optional items e.g. awning or television/DVD

  • Additional benefits and cover for hires travelling to Europe


Weekly Hire Rates

Calculated pro-rata for hires of fewer/more than seven days as noted above


Low Season

Mid Season

High Season


 1 Jan. - 31 March
 1 Nov - 31 Dec

 1 April - 16 June
  16 Sept - 31 Oct

 16 June - 15 Sept


15ft 2 Berth

End Washroom

£ 305

£ 430

£ 485


15ft 4 Berth

Fixed Bed

£ 345

£ 440

£ 515


18ft 4 Berth

End Washroom

£ 370

£ 470

£ 550


18ft 4 Berth

Fixed Corner Bed

£ 390

£ 490

£ 570


18ft 4 Berth

Fixed Island Bed

£ 410

£ 515

£ 580


18ft 5 Berth

Twin Dinette

£ 420

£ 525

£ 590


18ft 6 Berth

Rear Bunk Beds

£ 445

£ 550

£ 600


Included in all hire costs shown:

Included item

@ 20%

Included item


Included item


Included item

Low Ins

Included item

No Hidden

Included with caravan:

Included item

Solar Panel fitted as standard
- this helps keep your 12V battery (which provides power to the caravan) charged throughout your hire

Included item

Automatic Gas Changeover Valve fitted as standard
- no more struggling to change gas cylinders during your hire

Included item

Latest easy-use Wheel-lock Security fitted as standard
- No heavy wheel-clamp needed

All hires are subject to a booking/damage deposit of £250. This deposit is payable once per caravan hire (not per week) and acts as a booking deposit initially.
Once the hire has commenced this sum then acts as a damage deposit and is fully refundable shortly after the end of the hire provided the caravan and contents are returned clean, undamaged and on time.

In the event that the caravan is damaged during your hire, the repair cost will be deducted from this sum, up to a total cost to the hirer of the insurance excess of £250. For accidental damage, any costs over this insurance excess will be covered by Tilshead Caravans or our insurance company. 

Our weekly rates are based on vehicle collection at 4.00pm on your chosen day (eg Friday) and the hire ends at Noon seven days later (eg on the following Friday) if you are returning the caravan to us or 10.00am if we are collecting the caravan for you. Should you wish to hire but with times or hire periods which are different from these then this may be possible to arrange. Please just contact us.


European & Overseas Hires

For clients wishing to take vehicles outside of the UK then additional documentation and services are required. Please note that these are the responsibility of the Hirer:

  • Green card proof of comprehensive European insurance for the towcar

  • European breakdown & recovery services for towcar and caravan **

** This used to be provided by Tilshead Caravans, but due to the regulation of insurance products this is now no longer possible and so becomes the responsibility of the Hirer to arrange.


The Hirer will also need to ensure that they take all items required by law in the countries they wish to visit. These requirements vary and we strongly recommend that you check the latest legislation. This information may be found at the AA website or RAC website amongst others but often includes items such as:

  • Green card proof of comprehensive European insurance for the towcar

  • Full driving licence

  • Original towcar registration document or certificate

  • Rear GB sticker (caravan GB sticker provided by Tilshead Caravans)

  • Beam deflectors

  • One or two hazard warning triangle(s)

  • Reflective jacket(s)

  • Spare bulb kit

  • First aid kit


For clients wishing to take vehicles outside of the UK, Tilshead Caravans provide the following additional services :

  • Comprehensive European insurance for the caravan

  • Continental mains hook-up adaptor

  • Mains power polarity tester

  • Rear GB sticker on caravan number plate

The additional insurance covers the vehicle for travel to most european countries but does not usually cover Asia or Africa. If in doubt as to whether it would be possible to travel to specific countries then please do check with us and we shall be able to confirm whether we can assist.

To provide these additional services does incur extra costs for us and consequently there is an additional charge of :

              £70 per week for all mainland Europe hires 

              £35 per week for visits to Ireland


Optional & Miscellaneous Items

We can assist with a selection of additional items and accessories which may add to the enjoyment of your caravan hire.
Please just visit our Optional accessories page for more details and full prices.


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