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At Tilshead Caravans we have a range of used caravans and motorhomes and of course we would like to maintain a good selection of vehicles in stock. We are therefore able to assist you in selling your caravan or motorhome in one of three ways:-


Part Exchange

If you are interested in purchasing either a new or used caravan or motorhome from us then we would be happy to consider any caravan, motorhome or car in part-exchange. Your vehicle may be worth more or less than the model you are interested in purchasing.

For an indication of the value of your vehicle in part exchange against a specific vehicle for sale then please do call us or Email us


Cash Sale

If you are looking to sell your existing caravan or motorhome then we may be able to assist you on a cash sale basis. We are usually especially interested in purchasing used caravans up to eight years old.

For more details and indication of the value of your vehicle please do call us or Email us


Sale or Return

We understand that sometimes you are looking for the best possible value for your vehicle and so a straight cash sale may not suit your circumstances.

We are able to offer full display and advertising services for your vehicle where you would receive an agreed value, invariably higher than that in a cash sale, if we display and then sell your vehicle on your behalf. Because we can offer part-exchange facilities, finance and warranty packages to prospective purchasers this should allow us to offer your vehicle to the widest possible market.

There are no fees payable to us if we do not sell your vehicle for you and you are free to remove your vehicle from our sales display at any time.

For more details and indication of the value of your vehicle please do call us or Email us.