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All the major caravan manufacturers will launch their 2023 models from September 2022.


Swift Group & Adria Caravans

We have a selection of new 2022 Swift and Adria caravan models arriving with us in June, July and August, ready for purchase, so you can see details of these models at:

     Swift: Elegance, Conqueror, Challenger, Sprite and Basecamp ranges

     Adria Caravans: Alpina, Adora, Altea and Action ranges

However, some models are now sold out for this season and so we shall start to turn our attention to caravans for delivery in 2023 soon. Details of the 2023 models are expected to be released in August 2022 and if you register your interest below we shall keep you informed as soon as more information is available.


Coachman Caravans

Caravan sales for the Coachman brand have been very strong, very early, this season and so we have sold all of our 2022 allocation. This means that we do not have any 2022 models available to view at our Sales Centre and we are unable to order any more 2022 models. 

We are now able to take orders for 2023 models available for delivery from November 2022.

     Coachman: Lusso, Laser Xcel, Laser, VIP and Acadia ranges

For many models we do have 'See Inside' interactive tours to show you the interior space and features of each caravan, so please do visit our 2022 ranges pages for more information on any particular caravan model.


2023 Coachman Launch Event

Launch Event

Due to the limited opportunity to see new Coachman models within their dealer network, Coachman have announced that they shall be holding a new event near Sheffield to launch their 2023 ranges. We shall be present at the event to assist clients and take orders and so if you wish to get ahead of the crowd and reserve your new caravan to get an earlier availability for next year thne please do make your plans to visit and we look forward to seeing you there. To book your free tickets, see www.coachman.co.uk/2023-launch/

We shall be receiving an extensive range of 2023 models for display at our Sales Centre from September 2022, so if you wish us to keep you informed on any aspect of the new season ranges then please do just register your interest below.


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