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Tilshead Caravans

Our range of Motorhome models for hire

There are many different styles and sizes of motorhome, from tiny van conversions to large RV's with slide-out sides. All of our hire motorhomes are picked to offer sensible amounts of space, with excellent specification, from the market-leading UK manufacturer. This allows our clients to explore wherever they wish to go without worrying about the size of the motorhome they are driving, yet, most importantly, provides a relaxing space to enjoy whilst living in the vehicle. Storage space, seating areas, washroom and bed dimensions are designed without a compromise.

Our range of motorhomes includes the following styles (these are library pictures of actual models we have on our fleet):-


Low-Line model image Coachbuilt model image
Low-Line Coachbuilt

 Please click on layout plans below for more details of each vehicle 


2 Berth Low-Line Rear Lounge

Bed options:

One double bed

or Two single beds

 2 berth rear lounge lowline plan 

Spacious rear lounge 2 berth Low-Line motorhome offering extra lounging space and flexible spacious bed options


4 Berth Low-Line Fixed Bed

Bed options:

One rear fixed double bed

One front double bed

4 berth lowline fixed bed plan

Popular 4 berth Low-Line motorhome with spacious front seating with four seat-belted positions plus a lovely permanent rear fixed bed with storage below


4/5 Berth Coachbuilt

Bed options:

One lower double bed (or single bed)

One lower single bed

One overcab double bed

 4/5 berth motorhome plan 

Spacious 4/5 berth Coachbuilt motorhome offering excellent lounging and seating space with a practical end kitchen layout


6 Berth Coachbuilt

Bed options:

One front double bed (or large single bed)

One rear double bed or two single beds

One overcab double bed

6 berth coachbuilt plan  

A high specification 6 berth Coachbuilt motorhome offering extra space for everyone along with six seat-belted travelling positions


Due to our policy of continuously updating our fleet, please note that all layouts shown may vary between vehicles and are for guidance only. Manufacturers model details can be supplied if required.